Message from Chairman of the Organising Committee

Research and Innovation for Society and Economy (RISE) is the CSSR theme this year. The theme shall embark a new plan of action in securing a better environment to the society and economy. CSSR 2019 is hoped to be the sharing platform to the researchers, industries, stake holders and policy makers to discuss the important and implications of research –society relevance. The impact of research and innovations from the universities is detrimental to contribute to economy development.

In conjunction with the theme, we welcome all national and international researchers to share your ideas and findings towards a higher level of thought and challenges within the multidisciplinary research. Concurrent to the research theme, we are strongly confident that CSSR 2019 will not only provide a good sharing platform but also to engage researchers for future collaborations.

Looking forward to meet everyone whilst exploring the beautiful scenery of Penang together. See you there!



Associate Professor Dr Rohana Hassan

Chairman of the Organising Committee, CSSR 2019