List of journals for CSSR2019 publications

No  Journal  Indexing
1  Journal of Engineering Research  Scopus
2  Journal of Mechanical Engineering  Scopus
3  International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development  Scopus
4  International Journal of Business & Society  Scopus
5  Journal of Sustainability Science and Management  Scopus
6  Journal of Tropical Life Sciences  WoS
7  Malaysian Accounting Review  ERA
8  World Applied Sciences Journal  ERA
9  Journal of Clinical and Health Sciences  MyJurnal
10  Scientific Research Journal  MyCITE
11  Social and Management Research Journal  MyCITE
12  International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  ERA
13  Environmental-Behavior Proceedings Journal  Web of Science
14  Journal of Emerging Economies and Islamic Research  Asean Citation Index, MyCite, EBSCOhost
15  Advances in Business Research International Journal  MyCIte